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Tel: 01455 553 531 or The Prescription line 01455 200793
Fax: 01455 550 083
Out of Hours: 111
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Advice on how to contact us from
the Doctors of the Wycliffe Medical Practice

Dear Patients
We wish to help protect our patients and staff from having unnecessary contact with those who could have Coronavirus.
Please do not come to the Practice unless specifically requested to do so.
DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING IF YOU HAVE A HIGH TEMPERATURE OR A PERSISTENT COUGH or if someone who lives in your household has these symptoms, or has Coronavirus.
If you have these symptoms or any other concerns about Coronavirus you must use NHS111 online
(or phone NHS111 only if you do not have internet access) to obtain the latest advice and guidance.
If you need to speak to or see a Doctor at the Practice you must call us on 01455 553531.
Our Reception Team will ask you brief details about your problem and arrange for a GP to call you back.
If you need to book an appointment for a nursing procedure, such as a blood test or the removal to stitches, you must call us.  We are, at present, taking bookings for all necessary procedures to be carried out at the Practice, but this may, unavoidably, change without notice in the future.
If we book you an appointment for your test or procedure you must be aware that we may have to cancel the appointment at short notice if our staff are unable to work or if other restrictions are imposed.
We also request that you call us on the day of the appointment to confirm you are well and not suffering from a high temperature or a persistent cough.  If your appointment is booked for any time before 9.30am you can call us on the previous working day.
When you arrive for your appointment please stand behind the line marked on the floor as you check in with the Receptionist.  We appreciate this distance could compromise your confidentiality as you and the receptionist may need to speak in a louder voice than usual,  but we hope this small amount of extra distance between you will be helpful for everyone’s safety.   If you wish to discuss something with a Receptionist more discreetly we ask that you call us on 01455 553531.
If you have a specific query about your health particularly regarding Coronavirus, and you have been unable to find the required advice on the website please call and ask for a telephone call from a GP.
If you need to request a repeat prescription please order online, by leaving a message on our 24 hour answer phone 01455 200793, or by placing your request slip in the outside letter box to the left of our main door (next to the fence).  Please try to avoid coming into the Practice just to request a prescription.  If you have nominated a pharmacy we will send your prescription straight to your chosen pharmacy.  If you do not yet have a nominated pharmacy, please tell us where you would like the prescription sending.
Due to staff shortages it may take up to five working days to ensure your prescription medication is ready to collect at the pharmacy, so please order in good time.  However, it is important that people do not order their medication sooner than usual – you may order up to two weeks before your next prescription is due.  Please do not attempt to obtain larger supplies than normal.
Our staff are working very hard to ensure we meet your health care needs during this crisis so please help us by keeping contact with the Practice to a minimum and appreciating that certain things may take longer than usual to organise.  Thank you for your help and understanding at this challenging time.
The Doctors of The Wycliffe Medical Practice
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