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The Wycliffe Medical Practice
The Wycliffe Medical Practice Lutterworth Medical Centre Gilmorton Road Lutterworth LE17 4EB
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Our Patient Group

Our meetings are informal with GPs and staff providing news and updates about the services we provide.  We often ask for advice and feedback to help develop and improve our services.  We also discuss what is going on in the wider health community.  Each year our Patient Group helps us to prepare a patient survey and to agree action points from your feedback.

Meetings are held approximately bi-monthly, from 7-8.30pm.  If you would like to join us please tell a member of our reception team or email us at
If you are unable to attend or prefer not to attend the meetings but still wish to  be involved we can add you to our Online Patient Group and send you information and also seek you opinions and feedback from time to time via email.  Please click below to join our Online Patient Group:If you would like to speak to a member of our Patient Group to find out more, please let us know and we will arrange for them to contact you.

You can read the minutes of our last meeting below:

Patient Group Meeting:  9 October 2018
Practice News
Staffing Changes
We are in the process of recruiting a new office apprentice and currently looking to recruit a new receptionist following the retirement of one of our team.  We will also be looking to recruit a new administrator and are hopeful that we will be employing two new GPs, both of whom have at least 2 years’ experience, to help support the Clinical team.
We have also added some extra minor illness clinics and currently have excellent locums in place who visit regularly but on an ongoing basis it is better to have regular employed GPs who contribute to more areas of Practice work and provide greater continuity for our patients.
This national initiative has been very popular, however, there are no new cohorts scheduled to run here at the Practice.  Peter has attended the course for 4 weeks but stated that he has not had any maintenance sessions.
Premier Therapy Physio service who offered 4-6 week packages for neck & back at the Practice have now sadly stopped running clinics here.   It was very handy and had a relatively short waiting list, however, Leicestershire Partnership Trust are now offering a physiotherapy service and hoping to improve capacity and efficiency.   The service can now be accessed via a central booking number, with patients able to speak with a physiotherapist to provide the best advice; this may be a face to face appointment with a therapist or advice and exercises.
Steady Steps
A new, free of charge, exercise programme is starting in November at the Blaby & District Social Centre.  This group is specifically for over 65s who feel unsteady on their feet.  The course runs for 24 weeks and focuses on developing strength and balance. 
Concert for Lutterworth Medical Centre
We are planning to hold a concert to raise money for the Centre, possibly around February 2019.  Further information will follow.
Flu Clinics
This year we are offering 2 different flu vaccines.   Our patients who are over 65 will be receiving a trivalent adjuvanted vaccine which has proven to be more effective for this age group.   Patients under 65 will be receiving a quadrivalent vaccine.   This year, however, there is only 1 supplier of the adjuvanted vaccine and although we ordered very early this year, deliveries have been spread out over September, October & November.  1800 adjuvanted vaccines for over 65s and 500 quadrivalent vaccines have been ordered and we have several clinics running each week at the Practice along with one of our Practice Nurses visiting local care homes to administer to our patients who are unable to attend.
Over the Counter Medication
The NHS spends a lot of money on medication which is available cheaply over the counter.  The NHS hold the view that they should not be spending resources on these items, except in cases where patients have chronic diseases which necessitate large quantities of OTC medication which would prove too expensive to and difficult to self-fund.
A recent document launched by NHS is not very helpful as it doesn’t say definitively that GPs should refrain from issuing scripts for many OTC medications.   However, if the public were encouraged to purchase many of these items, for example, anti-histamines, the NHS would save £millions.
The Lutterworth & Blaby group of 5 practices are hoping to issue a joint statement in the near future.  At the moment, over 60s get free prescriptions so there will be an impact for this group of patients, however, those with chronic diseases requiring pain relief will probably be able to still receive these on prescription.  Dr Johnson gave an example of an item that could be purchased over the counter for £5.00 could cost the NHS nearer £13.00.   All the medication in question is safe and it is a good idea in practice but implementation will be tricky.
Patient Group Items
Car Park
Diana raised the concern regarding the lack of signage in the small car part however this has now been resolved which should address any problems experienced recently.
Area PP & PG meetings
Diana briefed the meeting on the recent meeting:-

  • Urgent Care provision differs across the county & changes to hours at urgent care centres will mean reduced opening times
  • STP Better Care Together policies are changing & a recent survey was carried out on how and when planned care is carried out.
    • Proposal to consolidate emergency care from 3 hospitals into 2
    • All maternity units will be in Leicester
    • Childs Hospital in Leicester

Dr Johnson discussed his view on health care development locally
Dr Kendall had a little girl, Chloe, and the family are doing well and Dr Phillips, who is covering Dr Kendall whilst she is on maternity, has settled in well within the Practice.
Peter raised the question of allocation of patients to GP and Alison confirmed that patients are allocated by surname to each of the GPs purely for administrative purposes but that patients may request to see any doctor they choose.
Date of next meeting:-
4 December 2018

Next meeting 26 June 2018

Friends and Family test

The practice would like to remind patients to take part in our short Friends & Family test each time they visit the surgery.

Please click / tap below to take part

National Association for Patient Participation

Patient participation is a unique partnership between patients, GPs and their practice which is essential to and results in high quality and responsive care.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) work in partnership with their practices to:

  • help patients to take more responsibility for their health.
  • contribute to the continuous improvement of services and quality of care
  • foster improved communication between the practice and its patient
  • provide practical support for the practice and help to implement change

For more information please visit the NAPP Website.

You can view their latest news here.

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